BBP 009 : The 5 Ways to Grow Your Beauty Salon Profits

The 5 Ways to Grow Your Beauty Salon Profits Image


The Intro Bit . . .

What if I told you that there are only 5 ways to grow your beauty business, salon or spa?

What if I then told you exactly what they are and give you some ideas how to achieve them?

What if I saved you a bunch of time and told you which one of the 5 ways was the best . . . almost as good as the other 4 ways put together . . . .

Well that is EXACTLY what I do in this episode!


The Show Notes . . . 

I have kept the show notes brief on this episode as everything you need is in the podcast itself or in the freebie worksheet you can download HERE.

I will be turning the Podcast in to an article with all the workings and a bit more explanation throughout for those of you that like to read to fully understand a topic . . . it isn’t quite ready just yet, but as soon as it is I will post a link here and mention it in the next episode so you don’t forget!




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  1. Hey whats up I realize you have a great thing going on. its good that someone has finally dedicated a podcast of this quality to the beauty industry.
    I would like to share some information regarding getting visitors from Facebook to your salon business. I run and the targeting strategies we use for our clients are similar to what salon owners would use to get customers through the doors.

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