BBP 013 : The Top Ten Special Offer Ideas that Don’t Require Discounts

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Let’s face it . . . competition in the beauty salon and hair salon business is fierce these days! Walk down any high street and I’d be surprised if there weren’t at least 4 separate hair and beauty businesses . . . there are 7 on mine.

It’s become the norm to use DISCOUNTS to entice clients in to your salon, but this costs YOU money. In todays episode I show you 10 alternatives to discounting your treatments and services that still give clients an incentive to come to you PLUS they actually make you more money rather than less.

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It’s BACK . . . welcome to Season Two of The Beauty Business Podcast!

It’s great to be back but where have I been?

The Top Ten . . .

  1. Add Value Rather Than Reducing the Price
  2. Pre-planned Referrals
  3. Do What The Supermarkets Do
  4. Sunday, Monday . . . Happy Days!
  5. Package Makes Perfect
  6. The Loyalty Scheme – Part 1
  7. The Power of Suggestion
  8. Treatment Bingo
  9. The Loyalty Scheme – Part 2
  10. The Take Home Gift

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