BBP 026 : How to Get a Constant Stream of Clients with Facebook Ads with Tara Zirker

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We’re back again for another episode in season three and the good news is, we’re bringing you another talk-turned-mini-masterclass session with Spa Industry Facebook Ads Expert and founder of Successful Ads Club, Tara Zirker.

I know most of us business owners have that love and hate relationship with Facebook Ads, but after listening to Tara … you may just realize that it is an essential tool or skill you can learn to help your health and beauty business grow and get more clients!

The show notes, links etc for this episode can be found here.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your earphones and get ready for a crash course in small budget, but massively powerful Facebook Ads with Tara. Make sure you take notes as this episode is jam-packed with strategies on how to use Facebook ads for your health and beauty business!


Biggest Takeaways from Tara:

  • “We decided to narrow in and do Advertising because we see that as one of the most powerful ways to really control your revenue or increase your revenue in your business.”
  • “Any business that is growing at some point, has to do advertising!”
  • “Every single business that you look at, they went from small to big or from stagnant to growing because of a few strategic marketing strategies and one of those most likely going to be advertising. It is definitely the kind of growth factor, I would say in 99.9% of all businesses.”
  • “If you boost a post, it’s likely go out to people who’ll likely interact with a boosted post. When you do what I call backend ads, meaning you go in into your ads manager and you actually create ads from the backend of Facebook. You are interacting with people who are likely to go off of Facebook and enter their email or make a purchase.”
  • “If you are really dedicated to the growth of your business then you’ve got to overcome those technological sort of fears and failures.”
  • “Learning to do your own lead generation or learning lead generation in general is one of the best skills you can develop as a small business owner.”
  • “Facebook ads is a little bit more complicated at first just to learn it. Once you get into it, it is so easy. Honestly, becomes intuitive to do and really fun.”


Episode Highlights:

  • The Basics of Paid Advertising on Facebook (8:40)
  • Why do we even NEED to Pay to advertise on Facebook . . . isn’t social media supposed to be free? (9:53)
  • Boost Post VS Facebook Ads (12:53)
  • Overcoming The Fear of Using of Facebook Ads (18:00)
  • Is Facebook Advertising for Big companies only? (22:30)
  • Is it a Huge Investment in Using Facebook Ads? (24:00)
  • Facebook Ads: How can this work as a strategy for an independent beauty business? (28:34)
  • Targeting People on Facebook (38:28)
  • Tips on Getting Started and Common Pitfalls (44:35)
  • Advice on Hiring a Facebook Ad Agency or Doing it Individually? (52:43)
  • What to look for in an Ad Agency? (54:40)


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“If you are really dedicated to the growth of your business then you’ve got to overcome those technological sort of fears and failures.” – Tara Zirker

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