BBP 029 : Salon Social Media Check Up and The Power of Facebook Groups with Catherine Trebble

Episode 29: Salon Social Media Check Up and The Power of Facebook Groups with Catherine Trebble image

Let’s welcome back our first ever two-time guest this week, the salon industry’s super sought-after social media expert, Catherine Trebble.

If you’re an avid listener… then you’ve probably listened to the 2nd episode of the Beauty Business Podcast already. This episode was over 2 years ago now and since social media has evolved just a bit so I thought it was the right time revisit this hot topic.

If you have not listened to the first time we had Catherine on the show, then click here to listen:

If you’re curious to know if social media has changed over the last two years, whether your current social efforts are up to scratch  and how can we make use of social media effectively in the health and beauty industry then look no further and hit play to learn more!


For all the links and info, visit the show notes page: Click here!


Biggest Takeaways from Catherine:

“Email Marketing still wins the day if you do it right.”

“Social media is where people get the opportunity to know, like and  trust you. They get to see your expertise.”

“Social media and email marketing, they work REALLY well together.”

“Facebook has become pay to play.”

“Big Three Platforms: Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Instagram.”

“To me where I spend most of my effort on social media is within my own Facebook Group and for clients as well, that’s where I encourage them to actually spend their time as well.”

“Facebook, the company itself, is actually encouraging communities. It is much more easier in a Facebook group to build a community because that’s its natural use. It’s literally created for communities.”

“Posts need to be interactive. This is vital.”

“One key thing about groups is to always provide value.”


Episode Highlights:

How much has changed with social media in the last two years? (6:00)

Today’s Big Three Platforms (9:23)

Facebook Page Vs Facebook Group (10:49)

Advantages of Having A Facebook Group (12:44)

Facebook Changes Affecting Your Reach (13:16)

Is a Facebook Page Still Worth It? (15:32)

Tips on Facebook Groups (17:35)

How To Get People In The Group (20:06)

Asking Questions Before Joining A Facebook Group (20:51)

Weekly Themes For Facebook Groups (23:44)

Posting on Groups (25:44)

Words of Wisdom on Facebook Groups (27:29)

Catherine’s Take on Instagram Stories (28:51)


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“Social media is where people get the opportunity to know, like and  trust you. They get to see your expertise.” – Catherine Trebble

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