BBP 036 : 10 Ways to Create and Keep A Winning Team in Your Beauty Business with Clare Cockell

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Running a beauty business can be tough especially if you work with a lot of people and you have to manage and motivate them to make sure they are reaching your goals  . . and their goals all while doing their best to make clients happy..

How do we go about on managing our team, dealing with all the personalities and running a salon at the same time without losing our minds?!

Fear not because I finally found the right person to talk to about this . . .

I’d like to introduce Clare Cockell… a good friend of mine and a very respected figure in the industry. She’s also a judge, speaker, author, the CEO of The Reef Spa, product creator . . .  and the list goes on!

I am truly grateful that she has joined us to share her secrets in building and keeping a winning team for your beauty business which has helped her become so successful in running her business.

So stop what you are doing, sit down, ready your ears and hit play . . . as Clare gives us the 10 Ways to Create and Keep A Winning Team in Your Beauty Business:


  1. Use The Word “TEAM” Rather Than ”STAFF” (7:03)


“I always try to encourage and use the word team and therefore when I’m talking about things with the team is kind of we, and if I talk outside, it’s my team, the team, our team and through that people feel much more a part of the business.”


  1. Hire To Fit You And Your Brand (8:30)


“Hire for attitude and to fit with your brand, to fit with the rest of your team, someone who’s got your ethos, your drive, your wants.”


  1. Know Your Boundaries (11:28)


“You can have these boundaries in place and you can still be nice to your team, be there and be supportive.”


  1. Honest, Open and Trusting (14:20)


“The business doesn’t grow and you can’t achieve more without trusting people, without kind of delegating more”.


  1. Understanding Everyone is Different (18:03)


“I definitely learned kind of working with a bigger team that what works for someone will have to do it in a slightly different way for someone else.”


  1. Narrow Your Goal and Make Sure Everyone is On the Same Page (22:10)


“Knowing that they understand what you want to achieve, where you want the business to go, how you want it it to be perceived and what it is all about.”


  1. Listen (25:34)


“If anyone asks me a question I have to know the answer… I have to answer then and there.The problem with that is often you’d give an answer that you’ve potentially would have not chosen if you’ve thought about it or potentially would’ve not work and you kind of have to change your mind and again, that can be quite frustrating.”


  1. Meetings…meetings! (28:15)


“It is obviously good to have your team meetings every so often…every quarter or every month whichever you prefer and just to ensure again everyone is one the same page.”


  1. Motivation (32:32)


“Obviously, we need to make sure that we stay motivated to be able to motivate the rest of the team.”


  1. Being Confident in Yourself (35:30)


“Everyone has this little demons in the mind that likes to plant these seeds but again working on that to ensure that you’re keeping that under control and believing that you can do it. ”

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“There’s a reason why you’ve gone out of your own, there’s a reason why you’re running your own business, having your own team. Taking the time to be confident on what you do.”


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