BBP 041 : Dealing with Last Minute Cancellations, Late Arrivals and No Shows

What’s the most annoying thing about running your own beauty business?

I bet I’d get a few different answers to this question . . . but if we’re honest, as business owners, “Clients” have got to be one of the top three answers!

Clients are the lifeblood of your business, without them you don’t have a business. But there’s no doubt about it, sometimes some clients drive you MAD!

I’m talking about the ones who call or message you cancelling their appointment for the next morning . . . or worse later that day.

Then there are those that constantly turn up 15 minutes late for their appointment, and the absolute worst, NO SHOWS! The ones who don’t show up for their appointment and don’t even call to let you know!

So what can you do to lose those late cancellations, and remove no shows from your business for good?

In todays episode I share with you 6 tried and tested methods for dealing with these most annoying of clients . . .

Number 6 is so simple, but will almost guarantee no more no shows!!!

But before that. . . It’s October and tricks or treats are all the rage so so here’s a treat for you!

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Now back to our topic at hand. . . sit back, relax and check out my 6 tips by listening now.


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

6 Tried And Tested Tips To Lose Those Late Arrivals, Late Cancellations And No Shows (04:20)

1.) Your Cancellation Policy (04:30)

“I mean it needs to be written down and referred to everywhere.”

2.) Enforcement (05:39)

“The initial power of the Cancellation Policy is in people knowing about it . . . it is up to you how you enforce it!”

3.) Pick A Card (07:31)

“You could opt to take credit card details to secure a booking. This is not a payment . . . just the card details which people are more open to.”

4.) Send Out Appointment Reminders (08:38)

“I’ve run tests on this and reminders alone reduce no shows by over 70%!”

5.) Deal with No Shows Professionally (12:35)

“It’s vital to treat your clients with respect and professionalism, so always listen to why they were late or failed to show for an appointment. Then put yourself in their shoes.”

6.) Take the Money (13:30)

“The strongest position to be in when dealing with any breaches of your Cancellation Policy is where you already have your clients money in your bank.”

Bonus Side Effects (15:20)

1.) It’s great for your business cash flow.

2.) Increases secondary spend on things like retail products and upgrades.


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“A Cancellation Policy isn’t a magical wand that will stop clients messing you around in the future but it’s the first step and an essential tool in your toolbox.” – Adam Chatterley

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