BBP 042 : Overcoming Impostor Syndrome as a Beauty Business Owner

So this week’s topic is a little different to the norm . . . a little more “raw” or “real” as we will be looking at “Impostor Syndrome.”

You may have heard about this and you may even be experiencing it right now but didn’t know it.

Impostor Syndrome can manifest in any gender, race or profession but especially business owners like YOU.

So what is “Impostor Syndrome” and what does it have to do with the beauty industry…?

Well, you might be surprised that it can actually affect you, your business and your path towards success . . . it can be the thing that stops you succeeding or simply holds you back.

Not to confuse you further. . . let’s dive into what “Impostor Syndrome” is, the signs it’s affecting you and ways to cope with it and use it to grow.

Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

What Is “Impostor Syndrome” ? (2:07)

“Impostor syndrome is VERY real and if not tamed it can seriously damage your success, your business even your health and relationships.”

5 Main Signs That Impostor Syndrome Has Crept Into Your Life (4:35)

5-signs-you-have-the-impostor-syndrome image


Ways To Cope With Impostor Syndrome ( 8:45)

ways-to-cope-up-with-impostor-syndrome image


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