BBP 043 : 7 Steps to Speed Up Your Success from the Start

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This week’s episode is inspired by one of the most requested topics being asked by listeners just like YOU and the members of my Facebook Group called The Beauty Business Hackers ( if you haven’t joined yet then click here!)

Recently, I received an email from one of our avid listeners which prompted me to finally create an episode on how to start your beauty business and here’s a portion of her email to me. . .

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Truly appreciate you for sending that email, Steph!

This is the very reason why I created this podcast. . . to help independent beauty business owners whether just starting or already on their journey to become successful in the beauty business industry.

This topic would let alone take up all day if you want the nitty-gritty but as I pondered on what to talk about without overwhelming you. . . so I started with the basics!

What should you do first when starting out?

This question made me list down 7 steps that you should do from day one ( it can even be right now ) to speed up your success in the beauty business industry.

Are you ready for that first step to success? (If you are nodding right now then go get a pen and paper to list these down then hit play to listen!)

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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

“A business with a plan  knows what they are aiming for and they get there. It might take a little bit longer than hoped,things might change along the way, it might happen quicker than planned . . . but the point is that right from the start, you got an idea of what you are actually aiming to do in your business.”  

7 Steps to Speed Up Your Success from the Start (4:04)

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Here’s the breathtaking photo I have taken outside my window!

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Sharing is Caring!

“A business plan is . . . it’s a written down, thought out destination guide. It’s where you are wanting to get to either ultimately or just to start off with in your business.” -Adam Chatterley-


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