BBP 048 : Top 10 Ways to Motivate Your Team

Remember we were recently talking about goals on the podcast . . .  I hope you were able to plan what you’d like to achieve this year.

However, those are very much YOUR goals . . . but what about your team?

Do they share the same vision as you?

Are they motivated enough to help you reach those goals?

Motivation plays a major role when it comes to team performance. If your team members feel demotivated or lacking in support from YOU, they will likely deliver poor performance which can affect your business and your goals.

It’s a domino effect and you mustn’t take this lightly.

I understand that running a business can be tough but it certainly doesn’t mean you have to do it all on your own – in fact you shouldn’t. That’s why you have a team to support you, tho help you with your success . .  but you have to support them as well.

You need your team working WITH you to give you the best chance of achieving those goals.

So the very first step that you need to take is . . . TO MOTIVATE THEM.

But how do you do that on top of everything else and where do you start?

Well that is exactly what I have for you in today’s episode . . . 10 tried and tested, PROVEN ways to motivate your team.

Episode Highlights and Takeaways:
10 Tried and Tested, PROVEN Ways To Motivate Your Team (3:05)

  1. Create a Pleasant Working Environment (3:33)

“Provide a place for your team to de-stress or hangout whenever they feel the need to relax during their breaks – for that matter make sure your team are taking regular breaks so they don’t burn out.”

  1. Set Goals WITH your team! (4:38)

“Setting a target is one of the very best ways to help in motivating your team, it shows you care about them and about their personal development and that you want them to become successful too.”

  1. Know Their Worth (9:28)

“Treat each individual as part of a team or as a family member and not just some replaceable object. ”

  1. Educate Don’t Punish (10:31)

“Train people well enough so that they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

Not my quote unfortunately . . . Sir Richard Branson said it!

  1. Growth (12:21)

“It’s vital to know each team members desires and goals personally, you also want them to work well AS a team to help YOU achieve your goals.”

  1. Reward Hard Work (13:24)

“Just having the same targets and rewards in place all the time actually becomes less and less motivating OVER time.”

  1. Acknowledge Their Efforts (15:34)

“Even just a simple ‘Thank you” at the end of a long day can mean a huge amount to a member of your team.”

  1. Build and Bond (17:13)

“Build a healthy relationship with each member yourself and foster good relationships between your team too. ”

  1. Train and Develop (18:15)

“Training your team to really become experts will make clients feel at ease because they know they will be in good hands . . . thus creating an even more positive client experience.”

  1. Communicate and Collaborate (19:53)

“One of the most important things to have in a team is. . . communication.”



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“Because at the end of the day, you can’t really motivate someone . . . Only they can do that . . . But you can create a perfect storm of circumstances, a perfect working environment of support that leads them down the path with only one choice which is Motivation!” -Adam Chatterley-


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