BBP 053 : Unleashing the Potential of Generation Z with Franki Johnson


Out outlooks and opinions are shaped by our environments and what we experience and this is one of the many reasons for the “Generation Gap.”

But what is the generation gap these days, what makes a “millennial” different to a “Generation Z” and what’s all this about “Snowflakes”? This shortening of the generations, but rapidly changing world is why you can’t relate or connect with the younger generation especially within the workplace especially when hiring them or keep them motivated.

It’s a growing misconception about the younger generation, where they appear “entitled”, “not bothered” and they have it easy because of politics, workplace regulations their dependency on technology.

But actually not only do we need to learn how to motivate Generation Z and how best to connect with them, but we could actually learn from them too, because they actually have the potential to help us grow in our beauty business or in any industry for that matter!

So I’d like you to meet Franki Johnson. . .

She is a highly sought-after speaker specializing on Generation Z and you’ll know soon during the interview on why…

Listening to her gave me that “lightbulb moment” from her honest, sensible yet Jedi level insights that I am hoping you will get too as when you listen to todays episode.


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Franki’s Journey (7:20)

How To Successfully Engage Generation Z Without Having To Make Space For Pool Tables And Candy Machines (9:15)

Engaging Generation Z To Access Their Full Potential (10:17)

“They are not anti-social, they are just digitally social.”

Who Are The Generation Z? (12:15)

“Anyone born from 1995 to 2010. They are the true digital natives of our society.”

Six Key Influences (13:26)

  1. Technological Advances
  2. Social Media
  3. Educational Accessibility
  4. Sharing Economy
  5. Economic Recession
  6. The Rise and Terrors of the Aftercourse

What is Sharing Economy? (14:12)

“They believe in pouring money into communities and assets more than big corporate machines.”

Generation Z On Money (15:13)

“If you have the company culture and you have the engagement and they really wanted to be a part of your company, paying salary really won’t matter much as long as they are stable.”

Why Is It Important To Embrace it in the Beauty Business Industry? (16:55)

“These industries, hospitality, spa, beauty, retail – are the industries where can best reflect the customer experience.”

How Can Small Businesses Engage With Generation Z? (19:04)

“If you can just listen and understand what your employees want then you’re halfway there, just implement it.”

Culture As A Personal Brand (21:47)

“If we are in somebody else’s company, we should be aligned with the purpose of that company so that we are achieving something we’re passionate about.”

How Training Is Best Delivered To Generation Z (25:02)

“What we need to deliver is just more in time and personalized approach to training with short burst training videos ideally.”

Gamification in the Workplace? (29:21)

“Gamification is going to be valuable engagement strategy to motivate them.”

Family Culture As A Reward For Generation Z (31:00)

“If it is not costing you anything, why don’t you use it as a perk?”

Involving Generation Z on Decision-Making (32:00)

“Business leaders should be tapping into different roles of leadership within that team. We have generation Z who are great with technology and they also like multiple roles and extra responsibilities within their career.”

How To Find Out What Ticks An Individual These Days (36:32)

“Ask them big questions that will give you a sense of who this person is within your organization.”

Being Brand Ambassadors (38:38)

“On average, it said a staff have ten times more followers than leadership or company owners.”

What’s The Best Way To Promote Brand Guidelines?  (40:40)

“You can sit down, you ask your company or staff how they best engage.”



Episode 53 Show Notes:

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Her website going live next week!

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ep-53 quote image

Generation Z have grown up in a world filled with Facebook ,Amazon and all the big players in such high benchmarks for businesses that they do have higher expectations. -Franki Johnson-


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