BBP 058 : Mastering “The Client Journey” with The International Institute for Anti-Ageing

We’re on the third installment of the Stock and Retail Mini-series of The Beauty Business Podcast and today we will be talking about “The Client Journey.”

What has that got to do with stock and retail I hear you ask? The fact is that most therapists and aestheticians still fear the thought of “selling” their products to their clients. But this if a client comes to you with an issue they are suffering, then as a therapist you are doing them a disservice if you are not suggesting a home care solution for them. 

In order to gain loyal clients, your service doesn’t start when a client lays down on the treatment table and it doesn’t end after the treatment, that’s why you should offer or “prescribe” the correct products that can enhance the effect of the treatment that you gave.

. . .and that’s why this week we have two amazing guests joining us from The International Institute for Anti-Ageing!

Meet the Founder of IIAA, Tracy Alpert and their Sales Director, Nicola Bell.

Get ready to take down notes because they will be sharing their approach to educating therapists and aestheticians on how to properly offer products to their clients. Even the language they use is inspirational. Learn how to effectively provide solutions to your clients using their 7 Touchpoint Client Journey Framework. 

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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

History and Philosophy of The International Institute of Anti-Ageing (9:15)

Defining Client Journey (16:35)

The 7 Touchpoint Client Journey Framework (20:30)

Introducing The Client Journey In The Beauty Business Industry (37:40)

Feedback On The 7 Touchpoint Client Journey Framework (39:25)



Episode 58 Show Notes:

Connect With The International Institute for Anti-Ageing 


Advanced Nutritional Programme:



Sharing is Caring!

A lot of therapists don’t understand this power that they actually do have and that they undermine themselves and so this will also help them to understand that what they’re doing is really special and that they are offering such an incredible service in changing people’s lives. – Tracy Alpert 


This is a journey that an end user, a client that is visiting a location whether it be a retail or a salon really starts to strike up a relationship and the main aim of this is to generate loyalty. -Nicola Bell

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