BBP 062 : How to Speak with Confidence about your Business with Pete Scott

Confidence is important to every beauty business owner and this is something they often struggle with. 

We are always dealing with our clients and our staff so this is sort of a skill that we need to improve on. If you are not confident or sure about your treatment or products then you won’t be able to convince the client. Same goes with handling your team that if you are not sure about your decisions then they will not be able to see you as a leader. 

It’s a common misconception that confidence is being loud, being an extrovert or something more on the “outer” aspect.

Now the reason why our episode is centered around on this topic is that my awesome and avid listeners sent me messages about this so I felt it was my duty to find a guest expert who can teach us about confidence. 

I know the perfect person to share his expertise because he exudes confidence whenever he is publicly speaking. . .

He is actually a returning guest speaker because he had already joined us way back in 2016 when I was just starting The Beauty Business Podcast.

Let’s all welcome again my good friend and mentor, Pete Scott.

No will not be talking about sales this time (directly that is) – but he will enlighten us what confidence really means and how to become confident.

He actually said this. . .

“Confidence is something that doesn’t exist.”

Which is a direct quote from Pete by the way. . .

I am sure you are confused or even shocked about the statement as I am at first so you have to listen to this episode.

Trust me. . .you’ll be amazed to know why.


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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

“The first thing to know is that confidence is something that doesn’t exist and what I mean by that is that if we can remove this whole word that I am confident, I am not confident then we can be great in what we do.”

“If you practice confidence everyday, you would become more confident.”

“It’s being unafraid of being yourself – that’s real confidence. This is an internal quality and character. It’s not an outside charisma, that’s the difference.”

Update on Pete Scott After Three Years (8:08) 

Approach on Confidence (12:05)

Why Confidence is Important? (13:57)

Practical Ways To Build Confidence (16:49)

What is the 100Club? (37:18)

Final Thoughts With Pete Scott (49:11)



Episode 62 Show Notes:

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It’s being unafraid of being yourself – that’s real confidence. This is an internal quality and character. It’s not an outside charisma, that’s the difference.  -Pete Scott


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