BBP 067 : National Spa Week : Special Edition – Employee Mental Health

Welcome to a very special edition of the show. This is the first part in a special series supporting National Spa Week here in the UK which takes place from the 4th to the 10th November 2019. 

Today we are talking about the importance of looking after . . and looking out for . . your mental health and the mental health of your team at work.  Joining us on this episode is an expert from Caritas Neuro, Leigh Fell.

Let’s remove the stigma about mental health at work and by listening to this podcast episode you are taking the first step to learn more about what we can do.


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Getting To Know Leigh Fell (3:30)

Mental Health In Everyday Life (5:46)

Mental Health Awareness At Work (7:44)

Understanding The Impact of Mental Health Awareness (11:09)

What is Presentism? (12:19)

Early Signs To Watch Out For (14:18)

Difference In Mental Health Between Men and Women (16:48)

What You Can Do To Help Others (19:08)

What To Do If You Suspect a Colleague At Work is Struggling (21:20)

How to Self-Evaluate Your Own Mental Health (24:17)



Episode 67 Show Notes:

Get In Touch With Caritas Neuro:






National Spa Week:


Sharing is Caring!

“You don’t really understand it until you have experienced it and that’s the reality… It’s got to come from the top down so that leaders of an organisation and senior managers, they need to set as an example.” -Leigh Fell-


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