BBP 076 : How To Get Your Life And Your Business To Where You WANT It To Be!

Welcome to another episode of The Beauty Business Podcast and this one’s a little bit different. While I love giving out practical and actionable tips or advice to make your business better. . . let’s get into some #RealTalk for a moment here.

There are just a few weeks left of 2019 and there’s been something on my mind as I attended a conference a few days ago. . .  now I won’t spoil the story here as you need to listen to it to understand what I am talking about. . . but recently, I have started to wonder why we make our businesses more difficult or more complicated than we need to?

It’s like going for a drive where you could have reached your destination in 30 minutes if you just followed the correct route, but you ended up being distracted and tried the so-called “detour” then got yourself lost or it took you an hour or more to get there. 

Same goes with reaching our goals in our business. . . are we going where we should be going? Are we following the correct path? Or are we still making it difficult by taking unnecessary detours and becoming distracted?

If you can relate to this then have a listen to today’s  episode now!


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

My Lazy Sunday Story (1:26)

An Event You MUST Check Out (2:28)

The Race to the South Pole  (7:56)

Business Doesn’t Have To Be Hard (9:32)

How To Get Your Life And Your Business To Where You WANT It To Be As Quickly As Possible (13: 43)

Why Hire A Business Coach (18:22)


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Episode 76 Show Notes:

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“Business doesn’t have to be complicated. Yes, it might be tough, you might need to change your habits, you might need to go out on a limb, or take a leap of faith. But what if just doing that, what if making that change gets you there much much sooner than you ever thought it can happen?” -Adam Chatterley-


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