BBP 010 : The 4 Pricing Mistakes Salon Owners Make

The 4 Pricing Mistakes Salon Owners Make Image

The Intro Bit . . .

How did you set the prices you charge for your treatments in your beauty business or salon?

Did you make one of these classic mistakes?

Don’t worry if you did . . . it’s perfectly normal to do so. It could mean that your prices are too low and in this episode I explain exactly why.

I also tell you about the ONLY thing that matters when setting your treatment prices!

The Show Notes . . . 

The Assumption I made about your prices (from the last episode) that could affect just how effective a price increase could be for your beauty business, salon or spa.

How did you set your current prices?

Why have I called this episode The 4 Pricing Mistakes Salon Owners Make?

:: The Drop In – Adam interrupts himself ::

I’m not trying to catch anyone out here . . . I have been guilty of at least two of the 4 mistakes myself!

The Good News: Your prices are probably too low!


Pricing Mistake No. 1: Cost Based Pricing

Why cost has NOTHING to do with price!

A couple of examples to prove my point . . .


Pricing Mistake No. 2: Competitor Based Pricing

Charging slightly more vs. charging slightly less (and why both are wrong)

[Adam goes of on a rant . . . . ]

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Pricing Mistake No. 3: Best Guess Pricing

Why this is more dangerous than Competitor Based Pricing!

How perception can damage pricing.

An Example to prove how perception can affect pricing . . .

Pricing Mistake No. 4: “What we charged last year  . . . plus a bit!”

Inflation is NOT a reason to raise prices!

A Note about the example in the last episode.


So how should you price your treatments?

The ONLY way to price your treatments for maximum profit!

Does the buyer who likes a house most pay the highest price?




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