BBP 023 : How To Create The Perfect Marketing Email

How To Create The Perfect Marketing Email for Your Salon or Beauty Business Image


Today we are continuing on from where we left off last week talking all about Email . . . . email marketing to be precise and in particular how email can help you save you huge amounts of time AND help to grow your business!

Now this may not be quite as exciting a topic as having a youtube channel or facebook ads or using instagram stories . . . . but Email is something that we ALL now have fairly easy access to and has become the defacto method of low priced mass communication . . . but it does come with some challenges!

In todays episode I share how to turn the simple Email Marketing Calender that you created in last weeks episode in to a full 6 month calender PLUS adding in another level of segmentation BUT I show you how to do this without creating LOADS of work

I also share the anatomy of the perfect marketing email and some tips on getting your emails past those pesky spam filters and in front of the eyeballs of your clients.

Here are the downloads for this weeks episode . . .


Download the Examples: CLICK HERE

Download the Email Worksheet: CLICK HERE

Download the Email Tracker: CLICK HERE

Download the Email Calendar Worksheet: CLICK HERE

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