BBP 025 : How to Become The Retail Rockstar in Your Business with Daniela Woerner

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Welcome to SEASON THREE of The Beauty Business Podcast!

To kick off the new season I have a real treat in store for you. In this episode, Episode 25, I am joined by a successful licensed aesthetician, mentor, consultant, speaker and business woman, Daniela Woerner.

I asked Daniela to come on the show today to talk a little about her thoughts on selling retail products in spas, salons and clinics as this is something of a passion for her. What we ended up with was an incredible mini-masterclass in retail sales for the beauty industry that you simply will not want to miss!

It’s a little longer than a normal episode, but there was SO MUCH amazing stuff in here I wanted to keep it all in for you. Make some time, grab a drink, take LOTS of notes and enjoy!


Biggest Takeaways:

  • I feel like if you don’t tell them about the products then you are not doing your job, you are not serving them fully.
  • Everything that I do in a spa, I ask myself three questions: is this going to benefit the patient or client? Is this going to benefit the aesthetician or the practitioner who is providing the service, the beauty therapist? Is this going to benefit the spa? I want have a yes to all three of those things before I move forward with any decisions.
  • It’s really a mindset thing, you are coming to me as a skin care specialist as the expert and what I want to do to help you to reach your skin care goals… So you’re taking charge but in a gentle and respectful way, and people like to feel to be taken care of. People like to feel that you care about their skin care as much as you do.
  • We have a lot of empathy for our patients and clients and so the last thing that we would ever want is for them to think that were just in it just to push products on them. But when you shift the perspective and instead of being “salesy” you’re focusing purely on education.
  • One of my philosophies in life is anytime there’s a bump on the road, you can look at that as something that’s something going to stop you or you can look at that as an opportunity.
  • The goal I like to go for if you are a solo aesthetician or you were working on a day spa, my magic number is 50% retail disservice.
  • The technology today, they have so many things that you can do… you have the ability to sell online, to use digital ads, to target your audience to come up with creative promotions so essentially you could have this little skin care boutique as a double business.
  • When you’re recommending products or treatments, you want to be sure that you’re saying the benefit to the patient or to the client. You’re not saying all the science-y terms that the reps are teaching you…
  • There’s so much free education out there and it’s easy to find the answers. What you have to do is ask.


Episode Highlights:

  • Why Retail is Important for Health and Beauty Business? (10:35)
  • The Mindset of The Aesthetician or Beauty Therapist (14:16)
  • The Fear of Sounding Salesy (17:30)
  • Why Do So Many Salon Owners/Clinic Owners/Therapists/Aestheticians Struggle with Retail Sales? (20:34)
  • How Does A Salon Supposed To Compete Online? (20:38)
  • Overcome Lack of Time (28:14)
  • How Should People Be Measuring their Retail Sales? (41:38)
  • What Do You Consider A Good Benchmark To Aim For? (50:38)
  • When Should You Start Selling: Should It be at the Treatment Itself? (56:05)
  • Daniela: Most Important To Shift Your Focus on Education, Remove the Selling Component (1:01:34)


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“One of my philosophies in life is anytime there’s a bump on the road, you can look at that as something that’s going to stop you or you can look at that as an opportunity.” – Daniela Woerner

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