BBP 030 : The Art of Creating the Perfect Waiting Room With Cheryl Janis

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This week’s episode is really an interesting topic because this small part of your salon or spa is surprisingly significant in growing your clientele and business.

Who would have thought that your waiting room can create a huge impact not only for your clients but also to your employees as well?

. . . and I bet you never realised it can also dramatically increase your client revisit rates and referral rates!!!

Joining us on the show is no other than, Cheryl Janis who is the author of two healthcare design books namely “The Color Cure” and “The Waiting Room Cure”. As a fan of the podcast herself, Cheryl reached out to me through a very lovely email offering to share her expertise about how to create a waiting room that is perfect for your clients that will make them come back and even bring in more clients for you!

You don’t need to have a large scale salon or spa to listen because home based salon or spa owners can benefit from this as well…so what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and tune in now to listen!


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Biggest Takeaways from Cheryl:

“So you wanna avoid colors like red and yellow in any way,shape or form. Even if it is a light red or light yellow because red and yellow stimulates the nervous system so they make you hungry, they speed you up, they make you more anxious and if you are already feeling irritable that would be exacerbated.”

“Blue is one of the most calming influences in our lives.”

“If a green feels too yellow, it makes people feel nauseous.”

“That’s the first thing that you can do, you wanna make a big transformation and you don’t want to spend much money on it, you repaint your walls.”

“Your clients are your biggest marketing assets because when they come in to your salon and they feel so welcomed, so invited from your design that you’ve created in there then they will tell you, they will come back.”

“There’s a big trend that’s happening right now where wellness environments including yours are taking cues from hospitality like hotels and homes. And so when you create in your salon kind of more living room environment that you would see at home while keeping your professionalism , then that’s where you like really lock people in.”

“Plants are known to have therapeutic properties. Plants make people feel they are in a luxurious space.”

“Studies have shown that people feel so grateful and when people feel grateful that you’ve done something for them like this, they feel the need to reciprocate and so that’s a biological thing that we have. So what do we do? We go out and we tell our friends, family and on social media.”

“The experience economy has been building since the 90’s. It is more about the experience now than it is about the service or of the price.”

“What studies have shown is that when you take care of the environment and you create a relaxing and friendly space in a way that I am talking about, your staff is happier to be there. They love working there more. It’s a perk for them.”

“Regardless of if you have a home based business or an actual brick and mortar salon, you wanna really think about who your customers are before you design the space.”

“Nature art has been shown to really relax people.”


Episode Highlights:

How Can The Decor and Layout of A Waiting Room Make That Whole Experience Even BIGGER and BETTER So That Clients Really Become Loyal Fans of The Business? (9:06)

Next Biggest Problem in Salons: Lighting (12:30)

Take On Evidence-Based Design (15:21)

What is the Experience Economy? (23:10)

Cheryl’s Design Tips for Home Based Salon Owners (28:19)

How People React to Colors (33:48)


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“Regardless of if you have a home based business or an actual

brick and mortar salon, you wanna really think about who your customers are before you design the space.” – Cheryl Janis

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