BBP 037 : Focus Your Brand’s Personality To Secure Client Loyalty with Stephanie Mitchell

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Time flies by quickly when you are having fun and this season we’ve featured some amazing guests on the show from within and from outside the health and beauty industry to give us insights and inspire us to become more successful.

For our penultimate episode of Season 3, we are talking about something that most health and beauty business owners tend to neglect or give little thought to.

Honestly, I never thought it was quite so significant, but more than ever in today’s world it is really important to stand out, to be recognized if we want our clients to choose us over our competitions. There are likely hundreds of salons or spas in your area that offer similar treatments to you . . . but why would clients choose you?

The answer is simple and that it is because of your “Brand” and everything that encapsulates.

Now, I am excited to tackle this topic from a different perspective so I have with me today an amazing guest and the founder of Sunnystorm Marketing, Stephanie Mitchell.

She runs a well known marketing agency dedicated to helping beauty businesses improve their client base and brand. Stephanie’s extremely passionate about this thing called “Brand’ and is here to enlighten us as to what a brand is and to clarify why it’s more than just your catchy business name or fancy logo.

Are you ready to step up your brand? Then click play to listen now!

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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:


Obsession about Branding (11:09)

“The reason that I’ve become so obsessed with it is first of all when I launched Sunnystorm Marketing a year and a half ago, I was nobody . . . like nobody knew anything about me. There’s so many marketing companies online like there’s millions and millions of them that do different sorts of online marketing, so I knew that I wanted to have a way to make myself stand out.”


What Is This Thing You Call ”Brand” (14:00)

“Your visual brand . .  it starts with your logo, it extends to your colour palette, your font palette and then kind of just visually how you represent yourself.”

“Having that way of visually representing yourself and making it consistent, representing that on social media, through your email marketing, on your website. It is so crucial differentiating yourself from other businesses online.”


Creating and Clarifying A Brand (17:17)

“If you feel like you either need to rebrand or you feel like you want to clarify your brand and really understand if what you are doing is right, one of the best things to do is to step back and look at your own personality and also your business personality.”


Steps in Creating Your Brand:


  1. Identifying What Your Personality Is (19:05)
  2. Think About Your Ideal Clientele (19:25)
  3. Create Brand Assets ( Logo, Color Palette, Font Palette) (20:20)


What Is A Personal Brand (24:11)

“Any type of business professional in the beauty industry should be considering their personal brand… the way I like to define your personal brand is:

What do your clients think of you when they’re not in your salon and they’re not paying you? “


How Much Do People Care About Personal Brand? (27:00)

“I think that when people do not care about you as a beauty professional… at that point you are simply a commodity and you really don’t have a differentiator between you and someone down the street that provides a similar service for the same price.”


Long Term Effects of Not Promoting Your Personal Brand (29:53)

“When it comes to all the work that you’re putting into promoting yourself online, if you’re not sharing your personal brand you’re gonna get less reward for your efforts.”


How To Develop And Expand Your Personal Brand Without Taking Too Much Time (34:18)


  1. Take baby steps to start sharing a bit more about yourself and your team in your marketing.
  1. The best thing you can do to make it not feel like work is to make it natural, authentic and comes from yourself – imagine you are talking to your favourite client only.
  1. Recognizing your fear and humanizing your brand.


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“How to create a million-dollar visual brand for your salon (with zero design skills!)”


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“Essentially, the real differentiator that you can provide is your personal brand, your personality, the value, guidance and the inspiration that you can provide people outside of your services.” – Stephanie Mitchell


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