BBP 040 : How to Get More 5 Star Reviews

Purchased anything online recently?

How did you decide between all the options available to you?

Let me guess . . .


Having amazing “social proof”​ can really help your beauty business grow because this is where people look these days before spending their hard earned money.

76% of people will check out a ‘bricks and mortar’ business online before visiting it in real life!

Not only that, but search engines are now using reviews to determine where to rank your in their search results. So if you’re not consistently getting reviews you can forget being at the top of your local “beauty salon near me” search!

So how do you get MORE reviews?

I will be sharing an effective strategy on how and where to get more positive reviews ​​​and not only that. . . I will help you filter the negative ones as well!

Now sit down, relax and get ready to be amazed!

Check Out My Review Bot Demo!!!


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

What’s so important about Ratings and Reviews (4:18)

“It’s said that Money may make the world go round, but reviews are quickly deciding exactly where that money gets spent!”

How Do You Go About Getting More Reviews For Your Business (07:13)

It’s best just to keep things simple and over time, working with my clients, the best way I found to get more reviews is just to ASK FOR THEM!”


Three Specific Reasons Why I Ask For Reviews (09:12)
“I always recommend you send out follow up emails anyway to clients as it massively increases your connection with them and improves their re-booking rate and improves retention . . . but why not also include a link to leave you a review?”


Where Should You Send People to Get More Reviews (and How)? (12:25)
“In general you can’t go wrong with Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews. They are trusted, public, difficult to fake, they appear at the top of search results and pretty much universally available.”

Easy Ways to Find Your Review Links for Google and Facebook (14:30)
Google Place ID Finder:

The Magic Google Link:<place_id>

To check your Reviews are turned on in Facebook:

Facebook > Settings > Edit Page > Reviews (make sure it’s turned on)


How to Deal with Negative Reviews (22:50)

“Apparently, people are 12 times more likely to be motivated by a negative experience to leave a public review (a negative one obviously) than someone that has had a positive experience would be to take the time to leave a positive review!”

How to Get MORE 5 Star Reviews Automatically and Filter Negative Reviews (26:27)

To check this out for yourself, to experience the magic just go to


What Is A Facebook Messenger Bot?

Check out Episode 24 for a full lowdown:

“Essentially this is a semi-intelligent automated conversation that you can have with your clients on Facebook Messenger, a little bit like your Email Out of Office responder but WAY cleverer  . . . you set it all up in advance, customise it all you want and YOU don’t actually have to do anything for it to be working for you 24 hours a day!”

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“Apparently, people are 12 times more likely to be motivated by a negative experience to leave a public review (a negative one obviously) than someone that has had a positive experience would be to take the time to leave a positive review!”

-Adam Chatterley-


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  1. Hi there! I really enjoy your show, its very informative. I’m interested in setting up the Facebook messenger review bot that you describe, but can’t seem to find much info on how to do it. Can you please direct me where i can learn more.
    Thank you,

  2. That google link workaround is GOLD!! I’d been having issues with that link forever. Thank you, Adam!

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