BBP 044 : Get Your Life Back By Hiring A VA

Starting a business can be liberating, being the boss of your own beauty business is great . . . but then you suddenly find out that it takes more than one person to run a successful business.

You are now swamped with all those tasks you didn’t expect to be doing wearing all those hats; which ends up affecting your family time, your clients, your sleep and basically your whole life!

But then as an independent business owner, you may feel that hiring someone to help with your customer service or social media management tasks can cost A LOT of money. . .

Well yes, it will cost money, but then there’s a way to hire someone to help you that fits within your budget!

Is it possible? Of course . . . . by hiring a Virtual Assistant!

What is a Virtual Assistant? What can they do? What DO they cost and where do I get one?

All questions I will answer in this episode . . . AND I will even take you through the exact process I used to hire my own two awesome Virtual Assistants!

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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

What is a Virtual Assistant? (3:36)

“A Virtual Assistant or VA is a real life person. They are your assistant, but they don’t come in to your place of work, sit down and work alongside you. Instead they live possibly miles away from where you work and they do all their work for you over the internet  hence remotely or virtually!”

How Do You Know If You Could Benefit From Working with A VA? (4:20)

How Much Does A VA Cost? (8:29)

My Foolproof Guide To An Easy Way To Hire A VA (12:43)

Foolproof-guide-to-hiring-a-va image

The Important Elements That You Should Remember in Creating A Job Description (15:32)

Job description image


Examples of Online Job Platforms Mentioned:






Examples of Payment Options Mentioned:





Examples of Scheduling Tools Mentioned:

Google Calendar:



Sharing is Caring!

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“Being a solo business owner can be liberating as you are doing things your way and that’s probably one of the things you wanted when you started out. But if you are at the point where you are working long hours just to get things done and it’s causing you stress, you’re losing sleep AND it’s affecting your personal or family time then you should really consider a helping hand.” -Adam Chatterley-


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