BBP 046 : Beauty Business Owner’s Guide to Effective Planning for A Successful 2019

Happy 2019 my lovely podcast listeners!

Have you missed me? I actually had a listener said she was having “withdrawals” when we went into the holiday break.

Well the GREAT news is that this year, I promise to bring you MORE episodes! I’ll explain more in the episode itself.

Now, it’s the beginning of a new year and you might find yourself asking. . .”Now what happens next?”

If you find yourself asking this question then you probably haven’t planned anything at all for 2019 or you’re not quite sure what you’d like to achieve for this year.

Don’t worry as I am going to help you start the new year with an effective results-based planning system that takes VERY little time and will make this year your best yet!

So are you ready to conquer this year?

If you are. . . then get your planner, notebook or wherever you like to keep your notes and hit play to listen!


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Proper, Simple, Straightforward and most of all EFFECTIVE Planning (7:48)

“Remember FAILing isn’t a bad thing . . . it simply means you are stepping out of your comfort zone, you’re trying something new and that means you are in training for greatness!”

A. Goals Defined: (7:57)

  1. Facts First (8:28)
  • How much money did you make?
  • How many clients did you see?
  • How many NEW clients did you bring in?
  • What was your retail sales for the year?
  • What was your Client Retention rate for the year?
  • What were all your costs for the year?
  1. How Did it Feel? (10:21)
  2. What Worked Well in 2018? (11:50)
  3. What Didn’t Work Well? (12:29)
  4. Form an idea of what a MORE successful 2019 would look like for you! (13:42)

B. Planning (16:43)


  1. Marketing and Promotions (17:07)
  2. A couple of other things I want you to PLAN for in 2019 (22:53)


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Sharing is Caring!

“Planning is . . . it’s sharpening your axe or basically making everything that you do afterwards easier, quicker and MUCH more effective so the work isn’t so hard!” -Adam Chatterley-

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