BBP 047 : Should You Offer Fewer Treatments?

As humans we really LOVE to complicate things . . . you might not believe me, but we do it all the time!

(Hint: I explain more in the episode!)

As beauty business owners, we are guilty of this more than most especially when it comes to adding more treatments on to our menu and price lists thinking more options will attract more clients or make them book more treatments.

But is this really an effective way to market your treatment or services?

The answer is simply. . .NO!


I’ll tell you why, because . . .

In this episode, I will share with you ALL the reasons why you shouldn’t complicate your treatment menu, what you should focus on and how to know when you should or shouldn’t add more treatments.

It’s that easy as 1,2,3. . . no complications!


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

“The Myth of More” (2:40)

“This is the often false belief that by offering more things. . . we will get more results!”

Business Owner’s Point of View (3:16)

“More treatments mean more complexity and cost for you.”

Customer’s Side of View (3:58)

“Offering too many choices actually leads to indecision on the part of purchasers.”

My Favourite Use for Jam! (4:41)

Three Areas You Need to Focus On To Help Your Clients Book: (7:22)

  1. You need to make the choice quick and easy.
  2. Make sure you simplify complex terms.
  3. Eliminating the need to compare alternatives.

How do you decide what to potentially remove and whether or not to add something new? (9:14)

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“Too much choice confuses people . . . most of the time simple is best. ”-Adam Chatterley-


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