BBP 049 : How to Create Loyalty in Your Customers

Welcome to February . . .

It’s going to be a very busy month full of surprises . . . you’ll have to listen to find out more – you are not going to want to miss this though!

But before all that . . .

Let’s revisit one of the most important aspects in every business that you should build amongst your clients – LOYALTY.

But what is loyalty?

Is it still relevant today with all the development of technology where people can simply find the nearest, best priced option available?

How does one build loyalty with their customers these days and how do you reward them for sticking by you?

I am sure you have the same questions above and so I will answer each one of them in this episode – plus I’ve got a free downloadable survey form you can use to get valuable feedback from your clients. I’ll tell you exactly HOW to use it in the episode.

How cool is that?

But that’s not all. . . (cue drum roll please)

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Now before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s get back to our topic which is LOYALTY so hit play to listen now.


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

All About Loyalty (5:18)

Types of Loyalty:

  • Brand Loyalty or Business Loyalty (6:00)
  • Product Loyalty (6:21)

What are the Benefits of Loyalty? (10:37)

9 Ways To Help You Build Loyalty Among Your Clients (12:15)

1.Get Personal (12:21)

“Just recognising people, by letting them know you know who they are and that they are important to you is a big deal!”

2.A Thank You Goes a Long Way (16:12)

“This goes hand in hand with valuing your clients . . . so always say “thank you” at the end of every treatment or service.”

3.Genuine Customer Service (17:38)

“Genuine customer service is straight forward for me . . . what would YOU want, how would YOU want to be dealt with in a similar circumstance? ”

4.Stay Connected (19:11)

“Once again it shows you care about them and in turn they will reciprocate and extend you their loyalty . . . even if they haven’t visited recently.

5.Let Them Feel Heard (21:05)

“Offer your clients an easy way for them to give you feedback after every treatment AND encourage them to do so.”

6.Make It A Habit (22:27)

“Caring about your clients, genuine customer service and everything I have been talking about is an EVERYDAY thing. It’s not something you can focus on one day and forget about the next . . . that’s not really going to work.”

7.Exceed Expectations (23:21)

“An unexpected gesture or Random Act of Kindness such as this will leave a lasting impression that will keep them coming back and have them talking about you to their friends!”

8.Don’t Forget Your Employees (24:04)

“Loyalty among your staff is arguably MORE important than loyalty in your clients.”

9.Reward Their Loyalty 25:17

“This can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it . . . but in my experience, the more simple you can make it  . . . the more powerful it will be!”



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