BBP 051 : How to Run an Effective Event & Why You Should!

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Finally… the hiatus of The Beauty Business Podcast is OVER and I am back with another episode . . .

I have been busy with events recently … attending, speaking, sorting out plus the recent launch and intake of salon owners in to my Beauty Client Accumulator program! (If you haven’t heard of it yet then the link’s below to learn more about my amazing re-vamped coaching course.)

Today’s episode is all about running events effectively and reasons why you should do it more often! This episode applies to every beauty business whether you are a start-up or you’ve been in business for a while.

Aside from you learning more about events, I have included a downloadable event checklist for FREE for you to use when you start planning!

Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

“One of THE most effective ways of marketing a NEW business or re-marketing an existing business is by holding some sort of EVENT.”

“It’s something you organise, tell people about, get people talking about and all the while spreading the word about you and your business!”

“An event is a fantastic way to re-educate people, to re-establish yourself and get people to take notice of what you do now!”

Why would you WANT to host an event? 4:04

5 Easy Step Guide to Holding an Event 11:31


What Can You Actually Hold Events For ?18:54

Don’t forget your FREE checklist!



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“An event is a fantastic way to reeducate people, to re-establish yourself and get people to take notice of what you do now!” -Adam Chatterley-

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