BBP 054 : Are you an Action Taker or Procrastinator?

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Do you struggle to get the BIG stuff done? You know . . the things that are going to move you forward in your business, reach your goals . . . make a difference?

Or does the day-to-day work simply prevent you from making progress . . . how do you move past that?

Generally speaking there are two personality types at work here.

So. . . are you an action taker or a procrastinator?

You probably know which you are and the chances are you wish you were a little more one than the other . . . in this weeks podcast episode I will show you exactly how to do this.

But as with anything . . . being simply one or the other isn’t the answer.

So how about I tell you that instead of being a procrastinator or action taker only . . . you can be a “Success Maker?”

That sounds better right?

If you are ready to be a Success Maker then hit play and start taking notes!


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

What is a Procrastinator? (4:46)

“I think procrastinators can be amazing planners . In fact, I think they can put off work by telling themselves they need to ‘plan it out first’ . . .re-plan it  . . . revise those plans then come back to the plans after some ‘thinking time.’”

Traits of A Procrastinator

  1. Unsystematic
  2. Unable To Finish Tasks
  3. Inability to Focus On What’s Important
  4. Often Forgets

What is An Action Taker? (6:58)

“An action taker is someone that strives to achieve their results at all costs often by taking risks and they focus on their goal without delay.”

Traits of An Action Taker

  1. Strives To Achieve
  2. Has Inner Drive
  3. No Excuses
  4. Plans For The Future
  5. Hunger for knowledge

“Like most things in life . . . a bit of moderation is the key . . . you want to be part Action Taker . . . with a dash of procrastinator thrown in there too!”

How To Be A Success Maker (9:50)

  1. Plan with Purpose
  2. Understanding Your Why
  3. Plan SMART
  4. Have A Morning Routine
  5. Keep An Eye On Your Work-Life Balance
  6. Self Investment
  7. Celebrate Your Milestones



Episode 54 Show Notes:

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Ep 54 quote

‘What about if rather than out and out Procrastinator or die-hard Action Taker instead you aimed for the much more realistic and far more desirable ‘Success Maker’. -Adam Chatterley-


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