BBP 055 : 12 Reception Area Mistakes that Are Costing You Money

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Are you leaving money right there on your reception desk?

Sorry to say but yes. . .

Without having to spend any real money, there are several factors that can seriously affect your beauty business that take place in your reception area.

It’s actually under your nose but, because you are busy and spend most of your time in treatments, as business owners you are usually the last to notice it . . .

Your reception area is crucial to your client journey,  so that they keep coming back and even refer more people which means MORE money to your business and to you!

If you are familiar with the saying that “first impressions last” then you should pay an equal amount of attention to your reception area as you do to your treatment rooms and facilities. 

According to a research, people rarely change their initial perception of you or your business so it’s crucial to make a good initial impression to your clients as soon as walk in.

This goes way beyond the physical aspect like the lighting, wall colours etc, but how you treat the client the minute he or she approaches the reception desk and also how you handle their needs while waiting for their treatment.

To help you out . . I have pinned down 12 reception area mistakes and categorized them into three sections: Physical, Personal and Operational.

Ready to correct those mistakes and create the perfect client reception experience for your salon or spa?

Let’s dive in . . . oh and please don’t forget to leave a review after listening to this episode!


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

“So if first interaction and last interaction are so strongly imprinted on our brains then it stands to reason that your salon, spa or clinic reception is absolutely crucial in your clients journey with you.”

“The FIRST and LAST interaction  . . . this will leave possibly a more powerful impression on your client than the interaction you have during the treatment or service you are actually providing and the reason they came to see you.”

“Your reception area is the bridge between the chaos and hectic pace of the outside world and the calm tranquility of your salon, spa or clinic.”

“The ‘welcome’ your client receives, whether a first time client or a regular client, sets the tone for the whole visit.”

“How you deal with an unhappy customer speaks volumes about your customer service and while initially a negative, can become a huge positive if you deal with it effectively.”


12 Reception Area Mistakes that Cost You Money

Physical Aspects (4:33)

1 – Think like Marie Kondo

2 – Design

3 – Retail Product


Personal Aspect (12:38)

4 – “The Welcome” 

5 – Explain and Remind

6 – Look the Part

7 – Don’t Intimidate

8 – Reception Rewards


Operational Aspect (24:57)

9 – Get Back

10 – ReBook EVERYONE

11 – That awkward moment . . .

12 – Squander “The Goodbye” at your peril



Episode 55 Show Notes:

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So if first interaction and last interaction are so strongly imprinted on our brains then it stands to reason that your salon, spa or clinic reception is absolutely crucial in your clients journey with you. -Adam Chatterley-

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