BBP 057 : Making Stock Management Sexy With Valerie Delforge

We are now on the second part of the Retail Sales Mini Series of The Beauty Business Podcast.

This week, we will be talking about something sexy. . . like Stock Management!

I know… I know… Whenever you hear stock management, I am sure you are imagining something boring like a lecture but this shouldn’t be the case!

Stock Management is very important to any business that offers products and neglecting to take this seriously can actually make you lose HUGE amounts of money.

No., I am not exaggerating as any product that you let sit on your stockroom is considered money wasted or not bothering to check on your stocks can really affect your budget.

How do we properly manage our stocks and why is this important?

Be assured that your stock management woes will be gone by our special guest who is an international business strategy consultant, COO to Naked Hare, Masters of Waxing and Beauty & Shine Aesthetics and also became a judge at several big beauty business events like World Wellness Spa and Professional beauty – to name a few. 

Let’s all welcome to The Beauty Business Podcast. . .Valerie Delforge.

In this podcast episode, Valerie will shift our mindset about stock management and see how essential it is for any spa or salon owners.


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Why Is Stock Management Your Passion? (10:10)

Back to Basics: What Do We Mean By The Term “Stock Management”? (13:22)

Revenue: How Much Does Poor Stock Management Costs The Average Salon or Spa? (20:18)

Common Stock Management Mistakes (23:20)

Valerie’s Preferred Way of Stock Management (31:34)



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To me, controlling the stock is controlling your budget basically and budget to me is everything. Without a budget, you can’t function, you can’t grow and you don’t know where you’re going.  -Valerie Delforge-


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