BBP 059 : Beat Business Boredom with Rachel Perry

Today’s episode of The Beauty Business Podcast is actually spelled F-U-N because I am joined by one of my favourite people in the whole world . . . Rachel Perry!

Rachel is a VERY successful business woman in her own right and these days she spends a good amount of her time teaching other business owners how to start and grow their businesses minus the boredom.

As you all know, it is really daunting to start a beauty business or any business for that matter but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the journey of building your empire.

So throw your hesitation and doubts out the window, grab yourself your favourite drink and start listening. . .

Oh by the way, did I forget to mention we are now on Spotify? 🎉

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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Meet Rachel Perry (3:53)

Rachel’s New Business Venture (7:00)

Starting And Growing Your Business Should Be Fun (10:24)

Can ANYONE or Should EVERYONE Start Their Own Business? (15:55)

Top Three Things That Hold People Back? (17:32)

Thoughts About Imposter Syndrome (19:43)

Does Work Have To Take Over Your Life If You Start A Business? (25:35)

What’s Your Best Advice For Someone thinking About Starting Out? (27:55)

Advice For Those Who Has Recently Started? (32:45)

Final Thoughts About Starting Your Own Business (35:55)



Episode 59 Show Notes:

Connect With Rachel Perry






Sharing is Caring!

There are so many things that are not enjoyable and you can focus on those things when building a business right? But when you focus on what’s lighting you up, you’re gonna be so much more successful and you’re gonna show up differently. -Rachel Perry-

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