BBP 061 : The Loneliness of Being a Beauty Boss with Kerry Beavis

It’s good to be back again and I hope you didn’t miss me too much? I have been quite busy for the past few weeks, I’ll tell you more about why on this episode, but before I get ahead of myself. . . let’s have some #RealTalk.

One of the things you don’t get told about when you start your own business is about the rollercoaster of feelings and emotions it brings with it. Some of them are AMAZING, but often they are . . . not so great and one that hardly ever gets spoken about are the solitary challenges of being your own boss. So in this episode we will be talking about what happens when you realise that it’s a lonely place running a business.

Sure . . you may wonder why we are even talking about being lonely when this is supposed to be a business advice podcast, but being lonely can actually have both positive and negative effects on your business.

Don’t worry this isn’t going to be  a “gloomy” episode because I’ve got an amazing beauty boss to join us to share her journey about how to overcome loneliness. She’s actually one of the only people to guest on the podcast twice! 

We meet again – Kerry Beavis . . . and boy has she been busy!!

Being an independent beauty business owner means you are on your own so it’s not uncommon that you will feel alone and overwhelmed, so let’s learn how Kerry was able to get through it and thrive by listening to this episode now.


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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

What’s Kerry Been Up To? (7:57)

Real Life Realities of Being An Independent or Small Business Owner (10:38)

Why Do People In Our Industry Go Out On Their Own? (12:44)

Challenges Of Being Independent (14:20)

Loneliness As A Struggle (16:59) 

Different Types Of Loneliness (18:19)

Feeling Overwhelmed (21:18)

What To Do When Struggling With Loneliness (23:20)

How To Get Through Being Overwhelmed (30:13)

Can Loneliness Be Useful To Business? (33:39 )

Final Words With Kerry Beavis (38:52)


Episode 60 Show Notes:

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Sometimes it’s good to be alone – because if you’ve got focus, if you’ve got no distractions and you can just be like laser focused on what you’re doing. But to feel actual loneliness it can be a driving force to push you backwards.  Stop feeling lonely and get yourself out there!  -Kerry Beavis

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