BBP 065 : Salon Leadership: Getting The Best From You And Your Staff

As a beauty business owner, you take on various roles but the one that salon and spa owners find the most challenging . . getting their staff or team to do what you want them to do. 

Having your own staff or team realise your vision for your business in todays world requires a special skill called leadership . . .

But do we really know what leadership is and how to be a leader . . . every day?

. . . and how can you possibly find time to lead your own team while juggling all the other important tasks?

All these questions and more are answered in this newest episode of The Beauty Business Podcast.

Our guest this week is a Team Leadership expert whose aim is to unlock our full potential.

Meet Rob Cross, the founder of Muru Leadership who’s here to help us learn what leadership really means and how we can share our passion with our team members and to finally get them to do what we want them to do . . . happily.

If you want your team to see your vision and work with your towards a common goal then you NEED to listen to this podcast episode!


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Why This Is An Important Topic? (3:34)

Getting To Know Rob Cross  (4:32)

What is Really Leadership? (6:04)

Difference Between Leadership and Management (7:50)

Importance of Leadership Before and Now (9:30)

Confidence And Leadership (10:32)

Dilemma On Handling Teams (12:28)

Losing Your Passion (14:49)

Reconnecting Your Passion With Your Team (16:03)

Sharing Your Vision With Your Staff: Is it Realistic? (18:04)

Understanding Your Staff (23:28)

How To Communicate Your Passion (26:00)

What If Your Team Doesn’t Share Your Passion (29:00)

Your Vision As Source of Your Confidence (30:17)

Hacks To Maintain Your Passion (31:48)

How To Choose The Best Candidate (35:06)

Taking It To The Next Level With Your Team (39:17)



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Episode 65 Show Notes:

Connect With Muru Leadership:




Sharing is Caring!

“Leadership for me is how do I really recognize the potential I have and the passions I have around what I do. And how do I do more of that or unlock more of that.” -Rob Cross


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