BBP 068 : National Spa Week : Special Edition – Employee Physical Health

This is the second part in a special series supporting National Spa Week here in the UK, which takes place from the 4th to the 10th November 2019. 

Today we will be talking about the importance of looking after, and looking out for, your own physical health at work and also the physical health of your team at work.  We are also looking at the ways you can bring a bit more physical health in to your every day while AT work be it in an office, in the spa, in the treatment room or on reception. 

On this episode, I am joined by an expert in this subject, the fascinating Iain Bell from the Executive Fitness Foundation.

Let’s get physical . . . or rather talk about physical health shall we? 


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Getting To Know Iain Bell (4:19)

What is Wellness? (7:09)

The Need For Employee Wellness (9:08)

Importance of Employee Wellness For The Employer (10:15)

Why is this SO Important in The Beauty Industry (11:38)

Bottomline Benefit of Employee Wellness (12:11)

Notable Benefits for the Client (13:01)

The Perfect Wellness Focused Day of A Therapist (15:10)

Purpose of Meditation and How To Meditate (17:43)

What Can A therapist Do With Just Ten Minutes To Keep Going Through The Day (22:15)

Ideal Lunch and What To Do with Breaks (25:41)

Healthy Lunch For Employees (27:31)

Wellness Advice For The Rest Of The Day (30:29)

Finishing The Day Strong Wellness Tip (33:32)

Wellness Benefit On Going Out After Work (34:21)

Evening Wellness Advice (36:21)

Best Time To Eat or Sleep (39:35)

Quality of Sleep (41:00)

One Positive Thing To Change (44:51)

How To Facilitate Wellness Into Your Beauty Business (48:17)


Episode 68 Show Notes:

Get In Touch With Iain Bell:

National Spa Week:


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“I don’t know anything that can be more important for consistency in business than wellness. When you’re trying to repeat a level of service, wellness is the building block foundation for that to happen. ” -Iain Bell-


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