BBP 074 : National Spa Week : Special Edition – Employee Financial Wellness

Today’s the final part of our special podcast episodes supporting National Spa Week here in the UK! How time flies and really hope you’ve learned a lot.

Today on the show we are looking closely at a particular topic that is  . . well still very much a taboo. Money is not something you casually talk about at your workplace, but it is probably the best place we could talk about it. Particularly if you are having money worries. 

So today I am joined joined today by Phil Holdsworth from AurumGold talk to us all about personal financial wellbeing and he also shares is own personal story and struggles with money troubles.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation or know someone at work that you suspect might be experiencing money problems, then tune in now to see how you can help yourself and possibly also help a colleague or friend out too.


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Phil’s Personal Journey (7:10)

Hope Amidst Financial Crisis (14:22)

How Financial Strains Affect Careers (15:49)

What’s Wrong with the Work Hard, Play Hard Lifestyle (18:56)

What’s Aurumgold? (23:25)

Signs To Look Out For Before It Gets Really Bad (29:08)

How To Approach A Co-worker About Financial Problems (34:10)

Talking About Mental Health And Finances (37:21)

Pressure On Business Owners (38:23)

How and Where To Seek Help When In Need (40:33)



Episode 74 Show Notes:

Get In Touch With Phil Holdsworth:


Contact number:



National Spa Week:


Sharing is Caring!

“I think things like financial wellbeing have a massive impact on our lives. If we don’t help people now and also help them look into the future. . . all we’re going to do is perpetuate the same situation, possibly even exacerbate it.” Phil Holdsworth


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