BBP 077 : 7 Ways to Prepare Your Business for The Holidays (a.k.a. The Alternative Christmas Episode)

As we bid farewell to November. . . here’s an episode to kickstart my favorite holiday. . . Christmas!

I am officially starting the holiday season with a Christmas related episode. . . (cue in some Christmas jingles).

If you are wondering why I named this episode as a.k.a The Alternative Christmas Episode. . . for the sole reason that I usually share tips on how to generate more revenue during December, however this one will focus on the other side of Christmas which sometimes we overlook or even pay no mind at all. 

Since this is by far the busiest holiday for every beauty business owner, I want to sort of give you a reminder or a checklist on how or what to prepare for this yuletide season. 

Now before you go ahead and listen, it’s actually Thanksgiving in the US so allow me to say THANK YOU for all your support and to give back. . . 

I have a GIFT in the form of an early Christmas Advent Calendar for all of you!

This calendar contains 15 days of Holiday Tips you can do to generate more income this Christmas and you can download it here:

Not only that. . . I am announcing that we will be having a second Beauty Business Boot Camp coming this January 2020!

If you missed it before or haven’t heard of it yet then listen to this episode for more but you can already sign up here:

Have you downloaded the calendar and signed up? Awesome then let’s start listening shall we?


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Why You Should Join The Beauty Business Boot Camp 2020 (4:37)

7 Ways to Prepare Your Business for The Holidays (7:48)

  1. Look After Yourself.
  2. Get Things In Place First 
  3. Get Some Help
  4. Take A Look At Your Team’s Time Off or Vacation Bookings 
  5. Don’t Forget To Take Care of Your Team!
  6. Be Insured and Reassured
  7. Get Yourself A Head Start On The New Year!


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Episode 77 Show Notes:

Episode 66:


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