BBP 080 : Why Won’t My Clients Rebook?

In this 80th episode of The Beauty Business Podcast, let’s dive into what rebooking really means for your business while identifying the reasons why your clients aren’t rebooking plus we take a look at the benefits of having your clients coming back more and more often that most people overlook. 

I will also be sharing my NEW and improved Beaut Client CAlculator to predict exactly the number of clients you’ll need in order to reach those revenue goals you have.

Start Calculating with The Client Calculator here!

Aside from the calculator, I have created a social media planner just for you with a calendar to help you on your social media problems and even suggestions and hashtags of what to post to really increase your engagement . . . this will save you hours of unnecessary brainstorming about what to post everyday! 

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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Defining PreBooking and ReBooking (3:21)

The Lifetime Value of Clients (5:31) 

The Number One Benefit of Rebooking (7:49)

Your FREE Client Calculator (10:34)

Number Two Benefit of Rebooking (12:30)

Benefits of Rebooking for Team Members (14:31)

Benefits of Rebooking for Clients  (15:55)

So Why Don’t YOUR Clients Rebook? (18:00)

How To Get Your Clients To Rebook (24:38)


LINKS Below:

Get The Salon & Spa Social Simplifier HERE!

The Client Calculator


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So the absolute KEY to solving your client issues once and for all is to have your clients (the clients you DO have) coming back again, again, again and again. Adam Chatterley


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