BBP 082 : How To Have Difficult Conversations With Your Team with Sue Ingram (Part 2)

If you thought part one ended on a cliffhanger like your favorite TV series, here’s Part Two as promised! 

Continuing our conversation about how to change our perception about difficult conversations and how we can approach it effectively. This time we really are getting into the conversations themselves, for when there is no other option but to have one.

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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Quick Recap of Part One (8:08)

How to Have Those Not So Difficult Conversations (9:18)

Trust Issues (12:33)

How Do You Start Off Difficult Conversations (18:25) 

Talking About Feelings (23:24)

The Importance of The Setting for These Conversations (27:37)

Present A Perception (29:34)

What You Want In Place of What You Don’t Want (31:02)

How To Judge Someone To Be Enthusiastic (32:50)

Developing Your Habitual Responses (33:33)

Documenting Conversations (36:20)

How To End The Conversation (37:58)

Keeping The Door Open (39:48)


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How To Plan Your Conversation Guide

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Because nothing breaks a team up more than not being able to trust someone’s word. 


Most people, sadly in our society today are trained to tell people what they want to hear, not what is exactly the truth so don’t expect people to hit that target straight off cause they won’t but YOU can help them. 


Successful teams are extremely positive places and you need to look in every opportunity to say ‘Well done.’ Sue Ingram


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