BBP 083 : Everything You Know About KPI’s is Wrong

Quick announcement . . . the much-awaited Beauty Business Boot Camp is BACK for March 2020!

Due to our amazing results in January and no small amount of public demand, I am opening the doors again to every spa and salon owner wanting to quickly learn about how to get more clients, more revenue plus learn some really cool social media hacks!

Now if you haven’t heard of it or you missed it in January or you just want to find out more then I’ve created a whole information and registration page  . . .


Now don’t go listening yet without registering because I don’t want you to miss this FREE and business transforming online workshop . . . the only one of it’s kind creted just for this industry.

Right . . back to our episode of the week. I realized that I haven’t written a podcast episode dedicated specifically KPI’s only . . . how have I missed that in over 80 episodes. I’ve had several episodes mentioning KPI’s in passing, but it was not the main focus so this is it and it’s time to correct all the wrong things you may have heard or learned about KPI’s.

It’s time to set the record straight once and for all. . . hence the title! 

Get ready with your notepads and pens as I am bringing you the best audio KPI mini masterclass EVER


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Behind The Scenes of The Beauty Business Podcast (1:25)

What Are These KPI’s? (10:19)

KPI Examples & If they’re Good For Your Business (12:32)

Percentage Retail to Service Revenue (13:00)

Defining a Good or a True KPI (17:40 )

Why You Should Use Percentages as KPI’s (23:33)

Goal Driven KPI’s (27:30)

Triage (28:27)

Revenue Per Hour Worked (30:31)

Effects of Improving More Than Three KPI’s (31:32)

Client Retention (33:45)


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KPI Calculation Tools

Sign Up For The Beauty Business Boot Camp March 2020


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KPI’s are not your goals. . .  They are the signposts on the way to your goals, they are mile-markers, the landmarks that tell you if you are heading in the right direction or VERY MUCH in the wrong direction. Adam Chatterley


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