BBP 087 : How to Create Your Million Dollar Beauty Business with Sheila Bella

Welcome to our “unexpected” podcast episode  . . . this was actually scheduled for a later date as our special guest was supposed to be hosting a huge event in the US. However, you may have noticed the global pandemic bappening right now! Bad news for the event, but good news for us as we were able to do a “Podswap” a term coined as far as we know, by our today’s guest. 

Money is a sensitive topic especially right now, during the uncertainty of the crisis that we are facing, but our guest’s story about how she was able to build a seven figure beauty business inside of three years is truly inspiring . . . especially given that she had no prior experience in this industry.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to Sheila Bella! 

She is not only a million dollar beauty business owner, but also the host of Pretty Rich Podcast, Business Coach, Speaker and all Inst-Influencer.

So what are you waiting for . . listen now and be inspired by Sheila’s journey to success.


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

“Leadership in the coming months, at every level, is the audition to lead in the coming years.”

  • Naval Ravikant

The Podswap (6:25)

Sheila Bella’s Backstory (12:17)

What Drove Sheila To Her Success (18:32)

How to Know You’ll Have a Million Dollar Business? (22:19)

What Does A Million Dollar Business Look Like Anyway? (27:03)

What’s One Thing That You Did Right? (35:09)

Do You Think Anyone Can Have A 6-7 Figure Business if They Are Passionate? (41:10)

Top Three Tips For Someone Who is Just Starting Out (44:09)

Quote on Leadership by Naval Ravikant (46:05)

How This Situation Is Going To Change Our Industry Permanently? (49:16)

View On People in the Beauty Business World (53:00) 


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Pretty Rich Podcast


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Once you have that kind of something huge to take care of, your higher self has to show up, you become the woman that you need to become. Once the situation is in front of you, you have to trust that you’ll become that person. Sheila Bella


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