BBP 088 : Does Your Website Make You Money?

Welcome to our latest mini-series all about websites. Our next few episodes are focusing in on this greatly over looked aspect of your business.

With the influx of social media apps here and there, websites are now being neglected or worse – forgotten. 

But do you know that over 80% of people check out your website before they make a booking with you? And if they don’t like what they see, or can’t find the info they need right away, they ain’t booking.Google told me so!

Now, if you are still skeptical on why you need to revamp your website or even getting your first website, then listen to this episode all about why you need a website and how it should be making you money every day.

Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

How Can A Website Make You Money? (6:26)

Online Booking Stats (12:29)

How Much Money Can You Really Make With Your Website? (20:12)

What You MUST Have On Your Website for it to Make You Money (21:43)


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Actually,  speed and functionality are FAR more important these days than how clever it is or how many flashy animations or videos you have on your website. –Adam Chatterley-

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