BBP 093 : Should You Charge Your Clients for PPE, Additional Time, and Cleaning Costs?

You can barely move in the salon and beauty Facebook Groups for one question at the moment …

Should you charge the additional PPEs and cleaning costs to your clients?

There’s a lot to think about as it turns out within this one question and LOTS of different opinions, about whether you should or shouldn’t pass on the costs. And then what exactly should you pass on and how????

I decided to enlist the help of some respected salon owners and hair and beauty coaches and consultants to help us look at this question from all angle and to see how they’ve approached this themselves.

I gave them five minutes only to answer, threatened them with being cut off but in the end all were able to deliver some very interesting points that need to be considered. 

But before you dive into the podcast, I have asked several beauty business owners on what they truly desire the most from their business in 2020 as we go back to work and the answer might surprise you.

Specifically it’s BALANCE or Work Life Balance.

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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Feeling a Desire For Business: Work Life Balance  (2:00)

Passing The Cost of Additional PPE and Cleaning Time To Clients (2:55)

Sue Davis (5:05)

“We’ve got additional costs like we’ve never seen before in our businesses. We’ve got less clients walking through the door because of the cleaning time . . . Everybody’s life has changed and we as business owners are having to adapt and keep up.”

Penny Davis (12:02)

“It’s a great time to adjust your pricing. . ..personally, I’m glad to see that now salons have to really focus on hygiene”

Donna Clayton (13:51)

“I do believe that costs for PPE and cleandown needs to be passed on to the customer in some shape or form, however I personally believe that it needs to be factored into your actual costings when you’re repricing.”

Richard McCabe(18:23)

“I count PPE as a stock spend, so should you charge more when you reopen for using more PPE? Absolutely. We’ve been talking about it with my private clients and we’ve called it the “Covid Tax.”

Ryan Power (24:35)

“People misunderstanding the relationship between costs and prices. Your prices should be determined in direct proportion to your costs otherwise every treatment is gonna be making you less money than before.”

Phil Jackson (30:20)

“Now, I think there is a place for charging PPE and I have encouraged my own coaching clients to be adding a supplement or an identifiable separate item on their salon receipt. And the reason I prefer this approach is I think we can really be transparent about the fact that we’re not profiting from the PPE.”

Susan Routledge (36:23)

“Originally, I think we all thought that PPE would only be the first few weeks, but now I honestly think that masks and visors could be the new norm for our uniform. I am favoring an interim price increase rather than a separate additional charge.”


A HUGE thanks to all our experts who shared their thoughts on the episode and you can find out more about them and connect with them through their respective social media accounts:

Sue Davis

Penny Davis

Donna Clayton

Richard McCabe

Ryan Power

Phil Jackson

Susan Routledge

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