BBP 094 : A “Timely” Intervention For Beauty Business Owners

Hello September!

A quick google search will reveal lots of booking software systems out there aimed at hair and beauty businesses.

All of them take client bookings, hold some client details, some even take payments or send emails and text messages… but when it comes to actually helping you grow your business, saving you time and making you more money, one system stands out from the rest, and that’s Timely.

But it’s not just the software that’s different, it’s the whole philosophy of the company behind it that’s different. 

Joining us on this week’s episode is the founder and CEO of Timely, Ryan Baker.

This isn’t a sales pitch though, (they are giving away an awesome offer that you shouldn’t miss out on) but we do talk about Ryan’s journey, how he found himself part of the beauty industry, how Timely has helped so many beauty business owners throughout lockdown and what he sees as the positive after effects of lockdown and trends we’ll see very soon and how software can help the whole industry grow. 

Talk about a “Timely Intervention” indeed!


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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Getting Into Software (5:09)

First Foray To Business (6:50)

The Beginnings of Timely (8:18)

Working Exclusively in The Beauty Business Industry (9:18)

What Makes Timely Different (12:07)

Timely’s Core Values (13:21)

How Their Philosophy Worked (14:46)

Timely’s Commitment (16:24)

Positive Insights (27:46)

What Technological Trends Coming in 2021 (33:45)


Timely appointment scheduling system


If you want to check out that Timely can do for your beauty business just go to where you’ll find all the information you need as well as an amazing full 14 day trial of the software.

Then if you then decide to keep using Timely to grow your business, use the promo code BBP50 to get 50% off your first few months using the software. 


Connect with Ryan Baker:




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“We realized that we weren’t a tech company, we were a beauty business and we’re part of the beauty industry. It was a profound change for us when you make that change in your mindset. Really changes how you focus helping the industry that you’re part of, grow rather than looking at it like a client.”


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