BBP 098 : H.O.W. to Recognise Talent in the Beauty Industry

We should always encourage everyone in the beauty business industry to recognize not only exceptional businesses, but also individual talent too.

Problem is . . . we suck at it!

In this episode, we will highlight why it’s so important to have someone to aspire to. We absolutely must celebrate those individuals who are contributing to our industry at a whole other level and that we should be proud of their achievements as well.

Joining me on this episode is the founder of Spa Connectors, Kathryn Moore.  She’s joining me to share with us her journey and what she’s created to not only recognise this talent in our industry . . . but to genuinely reward and encourage it too.


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Kathryn’s Background (4:25)

Recognizing Individuals (8:45)

The Idea for Hall of Wellness (12:06)

Different Categories (13:42)

Industry Ambassadors (17:37)

How To Nominate? (22:06)

Who Can Nominate? (28:10)

Plan for Yearly Awards (33:53)


Hall of Wellness Awards Website


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Sharing is Caring!

“This industry is suffering . . . I thought what can we do to help? It sort of grew from there especially since I have always been interested doing an awards, because I feel like recognizing individuals is really important.” –Kathryn Moore


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