BBP 099 : Your Ultimate Guide To Retail Sales

Welcome to The Beauty Business Podcast on our 99th episode!

It’s all about Retail this week across all of my platforms and channels. From the website, through social, YouTube and now the podcast my goal is to make sure retail sales are a serious part of your beauty business strategy.

So expect a mini-masterclass here on today’s episode, you’ll be shocked at how much info I’ve crammed into this powerhouse of an episode, and it’s all essential.

Plus, I’ve got some exciting news on the 100th episode where I want you to interview me —more details when you listen to this episode now.


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Section 1 – Why Retail Makes Sense:

  • Why Retail? (5:19)
  • Retail  Makes Financial Sense (5:55)
  • Retail Makes Psychological Sense (8:25)
  • Retail Makes Customer Service Sense (10:09)
  • Retail: Where To Start? (12:05)

Section 2 – Retail Done Right:

  • Shifting Your Mindset (13:10)
  • Product Knowledge (15:05)
  • Retail Metrics (17:37)

Section 3 – Retail Made Easy (23:10)

Section 4 – Easy Retail Promotions (34:23)

Why people connect with businesses online (43:50)

Section 5 – Salon and Spa Social Simplifier (49:00)

But is it more clients you need right now?  (53:10)



BBP 063: Creating a High Sales Retail Display featuring Sarah Ronchetti from Temple Spa

Salon Social Simplifier 


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Special Invitation . . .

Psssst . . . yeah you, listen carefully and I’ll also tell you how to find out my 3 biggest secrets to filling your beauty business with all the clients you’ll ever need.

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Sharing is Caring!

“Selling an entire product regimen or product range takes about the same amount of time, often less time than selling a single product. Unlike your treatments and services, your retail sales options are to some extent is unlimited!” – Adam Chatterley


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