BBP 102 : 6 New Strategies to Maximise Your Digital Marketing Right Now featuring Anna Ramsay

It’s Day Two of The Beauty Business Podcast National Spa Week Specials.

Marketing in the digital era can be tricky considering all the social media platforms out there and the rules of engagement quickly shifting all the time. With the current crisis we are facing, we truly need to be connected to our clients more than ever. 

The question is “how can we keep up”? 

To stop us stressing out, joining us in this episode is the Wellness Sales & Marketing Manager for Six Senses Hotels, Resorts, Spas, Anna Ramsay.

Anna believes creating content for digital marketing should be fun first and foremost . . . so let’s find out how and what Anna is using right now. Click the play button to listen now.


National Spa Week Day 2 is Sponsored by: Gerrard International 


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Anna’s Story (5:17)

A Fascination with People’s Behavior (11:24)

The Importance of Digital Marketing (14:35)

The Principles of Digital Marketing (16:43)

Niche Vs Nano Influencers (20:55)

Tips on Finding Influencers (23:57)

The Growing Popularity of Specific Video Content (28:30)

User Generated Content (34:43)

The Resurgence of Pinterest (36:09)

Don’t Forget Direct Marketing (20:39)

Final Thoughts on Marketing (47:16)


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“It’s through different touchpoints that you’re able to get into the minds of the consumer. Stories are things you don’t need to put a long time into creating content for. It’s about the magic of capturing a single moment. They don’t even need a lot of words.” – Anna Ramsay


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  1. Good to learn about people’s behavior! It is at times the key to a powerful marketing strategy! 🙂

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