BBP 106 : Say ‘Halo’ to Touch Less Health and Better Profits featuring Erin Lee

Wow! What a week it has been and we’re down to the last special episode of The Beauty Business Podcast for National Spa Week this year.

For our sixth episode of the week, we are relaxing a little and taking a closer look at Halotherapy. 

Do you know what Halotherapy is? I didn’t!

Joining me today is Erin Lee founder of the UK HaloTherapy Network to tell us all about this amazing NEW (but not so new) treatment. 

Erin shares her own story with us as well as what halotherapy is to her, its amazing health and wellness benefits, and also how you can add it to your beauty business for a touch less treatment with excellent revenue margins.

So let’s all say hello to HaloTherapy! Hit the play button now to listen.


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Erin’s Journey (5:04)

What is HaloTherapy? (7:00)

The Return of HaloTherapy? (9:22)

Benefits of HaloTherapy (10:30)

Evidence of Effectivity (11:54)

Proven by Athletes (13:40)

Treatment Times(16:43)

How to add HaloTherapy to your Beauty Business (17:42)

The Various Ways To Offer Halotherapy (19:38)



Global Wellness Institute


Connect with Erin Lee:

Halotherapy Network Facebook Page

Halotherapy Network Instagram

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Getting the result is the most exciting part for me, because being able to help people that’s what the wellbeing industry is all about, you can’t put a price, can you? – Erin Lee


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