BBP 107: The Enneagram – Using Self Knowledge to Sell More Services with Leslie Lyons

Welcome to our first Beauty Business Podcast episode for 2021!

I am so glad to be back to give you more knowledge-packed episodes to help grow your business but also to introduce you to some amazing amazing people as guests on the show. 

Quick question for you though . . . would you say you manage your business using your head or your heart?

Interesting question isn’t it? 

I was posed this question when our special guest today reached out to me requesting to share her story on the show. 

Now you know that I consider very carefully who I would be bringing on to the podcast, I only want the most inspiring people so I am delighted to be introducing you to such an inspiring, passionate, motivating and fun guest today.

Joining us on this episode is the founder of Bombshell Movement Studio in Chicago, host of the Beyond the Pole podcast, and an incredible sales and leadership coach for female entrepreneurs, Leslie Lyons. 

Expect a fun-filled interview, filled with important lessons you can take away and action in your business. Plus check out my awesome ‘mic-drop’ moment . . . chills!

Hit that play button to start your 2021 with a bang!


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

A Little About Leslie (5:32)

Cruella De Vil Syndrome (8:11)

The Quick Fire Round (10:00)

The Concept of Using Self-knowledge and Values (14:10)

Pros and Cons of Personality Tests (17:10)

The Enneagram Example (19:22)

How it helped one Beauty Business Owner (28:32)

Tips, Takeaways and Tools from Leslie (41:32 )


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Sharing is Caring!

“The key to great leadership for me is two things:  1. knowing how you see yourself and 2. knowing how the world sees you.” – Leslie Lyons

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