BBP 111 : NOT Everyone is Your Client!

Chances are you’ve heard this before, or something similar and there’s a good reason, because it’s true.

You’ve heard it, you’ve possibly even said it, or something similar, but do you really believe it  . . . or are you actually still ignoring this crucial bit of advice in your business.

But aside from being a handy quote to fling around when you have a REALLY bad client experience. What does it actually mean and how can we use it to help us more easily grow our business?

Why ISN’T everyone our client?

What factors determine whether someone IS or ISN’T for us, should we even care and does it actually make any difference really?

Great questions, and I answer with all of them in this episode.


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

(5:56) Not everyone is your client: What does this mean?

(7:51) Four practical methods prove it’s true 

(13:10) What is a REGULAR client 

(14:21) How to tell who ISN’T your client 

(15:15) Do you feel valued? 

16:58) Be more ‘dentist’

(17:35) Ditch the “Baggage Dumpers” 

(23:47) Shhhh . . . I’ve got a secret


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