BBP 115 : Using Deadlines to Get It Done

Does the word “Deadline” fire you up or freak you out?

In this week’s episode I share my terrible secret when it comes to getting stuff done that I’ve never shared publicly before. 

But we’re friends right  . . . you won’t judge?

I want to show you how you can use deadlines and a couple of other task completion hacks to get more of the right stuff done in less time by becoming a pro-active productivity pro.

It all comes down to understanding your own response to deadlines, which I’ll help you uncover, and then whether you are a pleasure seeker or fearful worrier when it comes to tasks. 

Whichever you turn out to be I’ll share with you 3 tricks to help you do what you say you’re going to do, on time, every time.


Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Adam’s Terrible Secret (3:05)

Spicin’ Up Your Deadlines (4:50)

Positive Reward (6:14)

Negative Forfeit (6:58)

The Public Promise (8:13)

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ACCOUNTABILITY . . simply put is the force for making changes, leveling up and simply getting stuff done.

–  Adam Chatterley –

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