BBP 116 : How & Why Consumer Listening Will Help You Win

How much easier would business be if you knew what your clients really wanted and when they’d spend more?

What if I told you that they’re telling you EXACTLY what they want, all the time! 

Problem is your clients are doing it in very subtle ways and if you’re not looking out for these, then blink and you’ll miss it.

Today’s guest is an expert in the dark arts of consumer listening and has used this exact skill to help transform brands like Aveeno, Neutrogena, Johnson & Johnson and now she’s on a mission to make medicinal cool with Olika.

Janelle Hailey describes herself as equal parts data lover, marketing maverick & strategy whisperer  (which I love) and today she’s sharing how you can use the powerful consumer listening strategies of the big boys to beat out your competition and give your clients exactly what they want to get them to spend more.

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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Janelle’s Journey (7:48)

Quickfire Questions (10:21)

Getting Inside The Minds of Your Ideal Clients (15:05)

Identifying the Clients to Listen To (18:42)

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Find Resources to Help them Listen Better (22:45)

How Consumer Listening Rockets Janelle’s Career (24:40)

Janelle’s Top Tips (27:00)

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You aren’t really serving your customers if you don’t understand their essence. You have to understand how they think, how they feel, what they do and what they desire.

–  Janelle Hailey –

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