BBP 120 : 4 Simple Steps to Easier Sales

Do you LOVE selling to your clients?

It’s difficult. You feel awkward. After-all, they’ll let you know if they want to buy something.

But then, it would really help your business if you actually made a bit more profit?

Having the right mindset around selling changes everything and will help you conquer any fear and awkwardness you might have as well as actually providing a solution to your client’s problems. 

I’m no sales expert, but I do have simple sales strategies that have helped me get more comfortable with selling, helped my clients get bigger results and could help you out too. 

If you’re ready to make selling easier for you, then listen now.

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Episode Highlights and Takeaways:

Your job is to offer a solution (7:15)

Stop Selling and Start Serving (10:15)

They’re Already a Yes (12:30)

Riches are in the Niches (15:05)

What Exactly Are Niches Again? (15:45)

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“Your job is not to convince people to buy something. Your job is to offer them the solution and for them to accept or reject it.”

– Adam Chatterley –

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